10 Feb 2013


Pencil 2.5" x 2.5"

I drew this last year, my very favourite flower.  I don’t think the snowdrops at my studio will be this far open for quite a while, but they are trying – sharp white spikes at the end of green shoots.   There are some little double ones fully out and I love them but they don’t have the slender elegance of the three petal ones.

I was accused of making invisible pencil lines.  I’d been doing some very delicate work using mainly 2H and 4H pencils.  Well I could see the lines but I thought it would be an interesting exercise to try something more graphic with a wide tonal range.   I’d also been thinking for a while about working on a smaller scale.  

I really enjoyed drawing the snowdrop and what started as a one off experiment became a series of ten pictures.  I used hard surface papers, Snowdrop was done on 300gsm Conqueror & Owl in Flight, which I put on and earlier post, is on Fabriano, pencils were 4H to 3B

I'm working on a fairly large scale at the moment but I'm planning some more small pictures, I have all sorts of images floating in and out of my mind, maybe in colour.

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