2 Feb 2013


Little owl on
Little Owl in
Hollow Tree

I've just added two more owl cards to my CARD SHOP page.
I have a range of about 50 cards, I'll keep adding them so please come back and have a look.

Owls are one of my favourite subjects, the other being Hares.  I don't have any hare cards yet but hares have been the subject of my latest work, so I'll have cards of them soon.

I've been working in pastel, a medium I haven't used for quite a while and I'm really enjoying it. so far I've  finished a leveret waiting for it's mum as the sun goes down, an old hare sunbathing in a hollow, a watchful hare sitting upright and the hare on the drawing board at the moment is on a hare track, pausing for just a moment before it leaps off.

I think my next hare will have to be in the snow, a brown hare standing out on a pale backgound.

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