9 Jun 2013

A WINTER'S TALE - the story of another hare

PASTEL 18" x 12"

A WINTER'S TALE - my old friend, the hare with the split ear and white fringe, came through the gap in the hedge and paused for just a moment....

He was well camouflaged as he pushed between the hawthorn bushes and out of the mist, but still a very recognizable hare and I was so pleased to see him again.  

The white fringe-like marking on his pointy face was the first thing that had struck me, I subdued it a little in the painting so that it wasn't too much of a focal point.  I've just shown the tip of his split left ear, which actually runs a quarter of the way down his ear, he's really been in the wars, but survived very well.  He's just getting his thicker winter coat.  

There are a lot of hares in the fields close to my studio but I'll know this one if I ever get to see him again, and I hope I do

After painting four hares over the winter I was going to move on to something else, but I still had this image in my mind so decided to paint just one more hare, which became two more hares!  Now I must move on - but there's this image in my mind of a hare.........